Friday, August 17, 2007

Mess Around My Computer

Blog Prompt: Name five things lying around your computer.

1. An empty glass. Which reminds me that I need another drink. I'm so thirsty. Be right back. That's better. Now the glass is full with ice and diet root beer.

2. A whole bunch of post it notes written on. At one point, what was written on them may have been important but they probably are garbage.

3. A bin full of papers and photos. Why do I have photos on my desk when I now do all my scrapbooking digitally? They are photos that my family members have given me. I so need to go through this bin and get them in some type of album or scan them in so I can scrap them. Also in this bin are prescription bags. I think I have every prescription in there as I never throw them away. I need to shred a lot of them as there is a lot of personal information on them.

4. Tivo remote. This is so I don't have to get off my butt to change the show on tv. I'm a bit lazy. Actually right now I don't really need the remote as I'm listening to music with my cordless headphones on. It's so nice to listen to adult music loud. Yes, very loud. I can't hear anything else but the music. It really inspires me to get things done. Love to listen to music when I'm scrapping.

5. Blank DVD disks. I bought DVD's the other day so I can start moving my digital files to disks as I'm running out of room from all the freebies I've been downloading. Which reminds me I have about 25 or more to unzip and organize. There is so many cute freebies out there that I'm like downloading every day. What type kits am I downloading right now it's mainly school type ones and whatever else is cute. I like both boys and girls kits as I can always use those.


Tink said...

Maybe that is why I don't buy post-it notes, LOL. I would have them stuck everywhere.

loonyhiker said...

I have blank DVDs and I need to back up my kits but I keep putting it off. I have no idea why except that I'm lazy. Maybe today will be the day...or not. LOL

Katrina said...

I backup all my stuff to DVD as well. I have heaps of digital kits that need to be unzipped even & then sorted.