Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Linen Closet

Since we are in the bedroom this month I decided to tackle my linen closet. Here is the before photo. Notice how everything is like all over the place. I dreaded opening up the door as I was afraid something would fall out.

I've been reading tons of organizing blogs, books and websites and they said that the best thing to do is to take everything out and start over again. So here is the pile of stuff that was taken out from the closet.

Here is the after photo. I labeled all the shelves. Top shelves are for king size (our bed) middle shelves are for queen size (Justin) and crib size (Girls). There is 2 baskets too on the 3rd shelf down the one which looks like swiss cheese as it has those holes in them. I got them at CVS get this for only 25 cents each on clearance. Unfortunately, they had only 2 left but if they had more I would have purchased more. At the very bottom I put in a basket that holds my vacuum pieces and the big box now holds the MOMS Club Scrapbooks. These scrapbooks were in my bedroom on the floor next to the cats cube type box that he slept in. I so miss my cat.
What's left? 2 big bags filled for donation.

And a bag and half filled with garbage. Oh, while I was getting rid of these bags of garbage I also got rid of some things in my bedroom. Still working on it but it's beginning to look a bit neater.

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