Saturday, April 26, 2008

100 + Things About My Day - Friday

1. We went to Great Adventure.
2. My intention was to just go to the Safari.
3. It was a MOMS Club event I hosted.
4. No one attended but us.
5. It's been happening like that quite often.
6. We had season passes.
7. We arrived about 11.
8. The giraffes blocked the street
9. Justin screamed as he was scared when they passed by our car
10. The kids saw an elephant poop and pee (ill yuck)
11. Reason I wrote that because they can't stop talking about it.
12. "GO" "Go MOM Go" was what I heard the entire hour of the drive. (Justin)
13. "But, Justin I can't go there's a car in front of us." (Me)
14. Say that over and over again.
15. Kids get bored fast while looking at animals.
16. Big birds walked in front of our car (Naomi)
17. Why do Baboons have red buts?
18. Mommy they need band aides for their buts (Victoria)
19. Stop for lunch
20. We had a picnic lunch
21. See a little monkey with a diaper on
22. Trainer said he wasn't potty trained
23. See a big snake
24. Justin scared of all the animals.
25. Cries and screams
26. Girls pose on ceramic animals
27. Get back in car
28. Drive to theme park
29. Get on Credit Card only line
30. Can't purchase season pass parking
31. Drive around for 10 minutes to find a parking spot.
32. Park in regular parking.
33. Push kids in triplet stroller a mile to entrance of park.
34. Pay for Season Pass Parking.
35. Go through security
36. First the kids
37. Then me again.
40. Walk another mile to get to season pass validation.
41. Wait in line for 20 minutes
42. Finally its our turn.
43. I didn't fill out the back of the forms.
44. Fill out 4 forms.
45. Kids needed passes too this year.
46. They are 3 years old.
47. Last year they were free
48. They changed the children age to children under 2 is free
49. Get assigned to a number for our photos.
50. Justin first.
51. He gets the parking pass.
52. Lady hands him his season pass
53. Big mistake.
54. Won't give back to mommy.
55. Naomi gets her photo taken.
56. Lady hands me her pass.
57. Still cant' get Justin's pass.
58. Victoria gets her photo taken.
59. Lady hands me her pass.
60. Still can't get Justin's pass.
61. I get my photo taken.
62. Lady hands me my pass.
63. Lady asks Justin for his pass back.
64. Finally Justin gives it to the lady.
65. I put all passes in my purse.
66. Stand in line for our coupon books.
67. We get 4 books this year
68. Attempt to briefly look through coupon book while pushing the triplet stroller
69. The kids see the Merry Go Round.
70. We wait in line to ride.
71. I put Victoria on a horse but there are no 3 seats together.
72. I walk a little away and start putting Naomi on the horse.
73. Victoria freaks out and starts to cry and tries to get off her horse.
74. I rush back to Victoria to get her down.
75. Try telling the kids we have to wait for the next ride! No 3 seats together.
76. Wait for the next ride.
77. Finally get all 3 kids on the ride.
78. Justin starts screaming he wants to get off.
79. I try to explain to him that he'll be okay as I stand next to him and hold him on the ride.
80. He likes it so much that he wants to go on again.
81. And we do.
83. Now to find a bathroom!
84. Bathrooms are really gross.
85. I hold each kid over the seat.
86. Now, I'm wanting to leave and go to Stacy's for a play date.
87. Time is now 2 pm.
88. Kids start screaming they want to go to Wiggles World.
89. How do they remember this? They went last year but never went on a ride
90. So we go to Wiggles world.
91. They try to go on all the rides.
92. There is only one ride they can go on themselves.
93. All other rides Mommy had to ride with them.
94. Some rides they weren't allowed on as they needed 2 adults.
95. Next Time Nanny will go with us.
96. It's time for another bathroom run.
97. Time to leave. Justin tantrums he wants to go on the roller coaster.
98. Spend 15 minutes trying to get Justin back in the stroller while he screams and cries
99. Eat funnel cake and pretzels on the way out of the park
100. Walk a mile back to the car.
101. Fighting and screaming for the back seat while Mommy puts stroller back in car.
102. Victoria good.
103. Naomi and Justin finally settle who sits where.
104. Mommy buckles everyone in.
105. Drive home.
106. Cook dinner
107. Put kids to bed (time 8 pm).
108. Lay down and fall asleep.
109. Wake up at 12 midnight
110. Check e-mails and post this on blog.
111. Time now 2:45 am
112. Time to go back to sleep.

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Sybil said...

Have you tried the happiest toddler on the block technique with Justin, I think it was called caveman speak. My middle daughter throws temper tantrums like that. What you do is just repeat back to them whatever they are screaming as you get down to their level and look them in the eye. "I WANT TO GO BACK TO THE ROLLER COASTER"
"you want to go back to the roller coaster. The roller coaster was fun. You like the roller coaster."
and just keep repeating this in a calm voice until they are no longer screaming. I've found she's also happiest at the end of the dialogue I leave open the possibility that later we might do what she wants. Like "I'll think about if we have time after lunch to go on the roller coaster before it's time to go."