Saturday, April 05, 2008

Coupon Organizing Upgrade

In January I started out with my blue book coupon organizer. It got so full with all the coupons I've been purchasing, getting from friends and family and trading. So while shopping at Target or was it Walmart I can't remember. I picked up another book in a different color. I now have my blue book with food items such as cans, veggies, snacks, drinks, dairy, frozen. My brown/green book is now with my cleaning products and health and beauty products. I left the blue book with the different stores in the back so if I get any rainchecks I can just check the store that I'm going into to see if I have anything I need to use. Here is what my books look like. They are actual photo albums that are like 8 x 8 in size that have 2 pockets on each side.

Like in my blue book I added tabs to the pages using my Round Tab punch from Stampin' Up. The tab punch is only 15.95. I sell Stampin' Up so if anyone wants to order it please let me know. The tabs in my brown book I did in 3 different colors. Brown for health and beauty and green for cleaning products and I don't know if you can see but way in the back I have yellow for batteries it's behind the tissues tab. I stapled the tabs to the plastic pages. I wrote on both sides of the tab which works out great when the book is open in my cart I can quickly go from one category to the next without closing the book.

My blue book still have the blue tabs. I may have to redo them in like blue and brown so I can tell the difference between dairy and frozen but for now I left them all in blue.

The spirals are great because get this I can store my pen in the binding. I love this because I need a pen for crossing off my shopping list. And yes those Pilot G-2 pens are my favorites.

Here is how I plan my shopping trips. I take a large envelope and I write on the top which store I am going to. Here is an example of my Shoprite envelope for this week (it's still a work in progress). I sit with the store flyer. I write on the outside what is on sale and what I want to buy. I then search for my coupons and stick them inside my envelope so when it's time to go to the store I just grab my envelope and go. There are times when I take the entire binder like yesterday when one of the stores where I don't usually shop at had triple coupons. So I took both books with me and saved $120 in coupons. My final out of pocket was $75 which is totally good for me since my shopping has always been $200 a week and that's using coupons. So I'm doing much better. Back to the envelope below. I also put boxes on the bottom for dairy, produce and meat. I write what's on sale and plan my meals around what I had written in those boxes.

Happy Coupon Shopping.

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