Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Daily Downloads

Oh, I'm so excited. It's September and that means new kits to download and play with. It always feels like Christmas time at the beginning of every month. Here are some other Daily Downloads I found this morning. These all start today so get day 1 now before they expire and come back every day to get more pieces to the kits. At the end of the month you will have an entire kit free. If you miss a day or so some sites you may earn a missed day or two or you can purchase these kits in their store if you can't wait each day to earn it for free.

Over at Misses BeeHaven Designs they are having their first daily download. The kit is called Autumn Essence. Get link one today here.

Missing a day or two of the Autumn Essence Daily Download ?

The Autumn Essence collab kit will only be offered with a few pieces a day over one month with the last download being made available on 30th September. From the 2nd October you may earn the download link for the day's you may have missed by uploading a layout to the gallery in turn we will provide you with a link to the missing day you require. Example: If you need the link for days 3, 11, 17, 22 and 23 then you need to earn those download links by posting 5 Layouts to the Gallery, one for each daily download link you require.

To claim the link to a daily download you have missed, click here.

The entire Autumn Essences collab kit valued at over $15 will be available ot purchase in the store for $4.20 from 2nd October.

Over at Gotta Pixel they have a boy kit called "About a Boy". Isn't it cute? I'm sure I will be using this kit for Justin's pages. So adorable.

Over at Digital Scrap Garden they have a back to school kit.

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