Monday, September 07, 2009

Photo Hunt - Orange Theme

I saw this over at Living to tell the Story. Susanne is joining the Photo Hunters. Since I am doing project 365 and haven't yet taken my photo for the day I figured I might as well participate too. Hopefully, it will help me with my project 365 photos as there is a different theme each week! I think it will be lots of fun to add more concepts to my photos each week! So here is my very first go at it with the theme of "Orange":

Photo Hunters - Orange

Orange. I looked all around my house looking for something orange to photograph for today's project 365 photo. I wound up taking a photo of my husband's "AWESOME Cups". That's what he calls them. I hate these cups because they take up way too much room in my cupboard. He got these at walmart in a package of 3 for 50 cents. It was a great deal but they are big. He says they are "AWESOME" because it can hold a whole can of soda or whatever he wants to put in them.


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