Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fridays Fave 5

Time for Friday's Fave Five! A time to look back over your week and look for five favorite things out of your week. If you are new, you can click over here for more details and then jump right in.

Credits: French Board by Deb Ammerman

Here are my favorites:

1. 2. & 3. Kindergarten Photos. The photo flyer came home from school. The cheapest package price was $25 for 1 5 x 7, 4 wallets and a class photo. Times that by 3 and you are spending $75 on photos which we do not have at this time. Plus why in the world would I need 3 class photos? I tried contacting the photo company 2 times both by e-mail and by phone with no responses back to working with me on a good price. So with much debating on what to get I wound up taking my own photos of the kids and ordering just the class photo for $15. The three diagnal photos are what I came up with on my own.

4. Knitting. Starting a new project. I am making leg warmers for Naomi's dance class. The color is the color of her leatard. Thanks to my friend Liesl I learned how to recognize knit and pearl so I now don't have to keep counting the stitches and making errors. I had to take out about an inch or so because I skipped a stitch. In no time I will complete this project. Doing it while I watch tv. Lots of new shows to watch this week. Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, Hereos, Desperate Housewives, Fast Forward, Family Matters and much more.

5. Surprise from Hubby. Friday night my husband surprised me and came home early in order to make the fundraiser that my neighbor was doing for Juvenille Diabetes. The movie that was playing was "Back to the Future". They even had the car available to sit in before the movie. It was cold outside but the kids enjoyed the movie and we got to spend time as a family which doesn't happen very often.

What has been five favorites in your week? Please sign onto Mr. Linky if you've shared in a post and we'd love to come and visit you. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Susanne said...

Those photos are sweet. Much nicer than a school photographer does. The price of the school ones used to drive me nuts too, so I always just went to Walmart or Superstore and got a huge package for about $6 each.