Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Satin and Lace by Retro Designs

Add a touch of genuine vintage luxury to your pages with satin and lace. This sparkling gem-studded kit includes many original laces and satin backgrounds with coordinating lacy frames and embellishments and if some of them look real that’s probably because they are real. There are also many original and unique embellishments such as an art nouveau butterfly set with amber stones, an elegant Tiffany vase and several vintage scraps, to mention but a few, plus a sprinkling of gemstones for an additional sparkle. This kit includes: 12 backgrounds 12 x 12, 1 cream lace border, 1 white lace border, 1 jewelled border, 1 ornate jewelled frame, 1 pink lace frame, 2 white lace frames, 1 ribboned lace frame, 1 ornate blue embossed frame, 1 authentic art nouveau butterfly brooch, 1 blue leaf flourish, 1 sparkling gold leaf flourish, 2 silk flowers, 1 chiffon flower, 1 cameo brooch, 1 diamond and pearl brooch, 2 hand made filigree tags, 1 jewelled bow, 1 jewelled pin, 1 pressed flower posy, 1 pressed flower brooch, 1 sapphire, 1 topaz, 3 original vintage scraps, 1 original vintage card, 1 vintage lace bow, 1 vintage lace ornament, 1 Tiffany glass vase and 1 QP, 12 x 12. A total of 45 items in all. You can find this elegant kit here: and for more of Retro’s elegant designs visit her store at: sort_direction=1&page=1

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