Friday, August 14, 2009

Fridays Fave 5

Is it Friday already? Time flew this week as it always does. Only 2 more weeks of summer vacation and then school starts. My favorites this week:

1. Vacation Bible School. The kids attended VBS all week. It gave me a chance to get a much needed break. I was able to get some errands done such as go to the laundromat to get Justin's blanket cleaned after he peed on it weeks ago. I drove around and found new places to visit (Stone Museum below). I even went to the mall once and sat in peace and quite drinking a cup of coffee. I also bought the girls those pretty headbands you see in the photo below. I went to Target 2 times. Once to get the favors for their birthday party and today to get them a birthday gift. The kids loved going to VBS and came home with many crafts. This was their 3rd year going.

2. My Car. We got our car back this week. Damage was over $5,000 but luckily we only had to pay our deductible of $500. Plus a car rental fee which my husband said they will be billing us for. Looks brand new. It's nice to have my car back.

3. Stone Museum. I took the kids on Thursday after VBS to the Stone Museum. I found it while driving around on Monday. Admission was free and it was only open on Thurs and Friday. The kids loved walking around and posing for photos. There was even a playground and mini golf.
4. Total Money Makeover. While the kids were in VBS I had some free time for reading. I had taken this book out from the library by Dave Ramsey called "Total Money Makeover." I read many blogs and one blog that I follow suggested to read this book. Well, I started it 3 weeks ago. It's very hard to read with triplets. The other night when I was in my husband's office making copies of some tax stuff I needed to mail out I looked up and low and behold I saw the same exact book sitting on my husband's desk. I questioned him about it. He told me that he gave that book to me a while ago and suggested I read it. At the time I didn't have time to read it. So every day while the kids were in mops I sat in my car or sat on the bench reading away and taking notes. No I did not finish the book but I did get to step 7. I certainly will be trying his method out and seeing if it will work. He suggests baby steps. So this month I will start with Step 1. Set up a Budget and start saving an emergency fund of $1,000. What can I lose? Eventually our finances will be better. Doesn't hurt to try his method. Maybe in 2 years we will be debt free? I certainly have been very frugal lately and really watch where our money is going. Absolutely stop using credit cards!

5. Flylady I'm back. Well, I have just had enough with this house. So I am again going to try to follow flylady. I always seem to wind up joining her when she is in the kitchen. This week I did manage to do two missions. Scrubbed down the counter tops on Monday and purged and decluttered under my kitchen sink 3 cabinets today.

What's your favorites from the week? Good old standby's? Something new? Share with us in a post and then sign Mr. Linky so that we can come visit!


Brenda said...

I love VBS! Sounds like a wonderful week in many ways!

Susanne said...

Sounds like you have been one busy lady between the book and the Flylady cleaning and purging. It does feel good when you get it all finished though, doesn't it?

The Stone Museum sounds interesting. And free and fun. Can't beat that combo.