Friday, August 14, 2009


Gravity of Motion is having a contest. She is giving away 10 items below. So there will be 10 winners. Rules are on her blog please comment that you were referred by me mom2triplets04

Here are the 10 things she is giving away:
1. Coffee 2. Journaling My Thankfulness

3. Good Deals

4. Appreciation

5. My Husband's Job

6. Slowing Down

7. Decluttering

8. Hearing from loved ones

9. Praying for Others

10. More Coffee

1 comment:

Jane Anne said...

Thanks for entering my contest! I appreciate it.

I'm working my way through my comments making a spreadsheet so I can keep track of who commented and how many contest entries they get. Thanks so much for blogging about it. I hope you will continue to stop by.