Thursday, July 31, 2008

Enjoy Life

I did this page for a journaling challenge at Snap and Scrap. You can find the challenge here.

Journaling reads:
A lot of negative things have been happening to me lately. Diamonds ran away, grandma was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment, my niece who is not born yet has heart disease and will have to have three surgeries when born, and our financial situation is getting worse. I also almost lost my job. I received a gift this week from Deb. It is a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. As I read this book I am thinking of happy thoughts. I need to be greatful for what I do have right now and not dwell on the negative things. I need to appreciate my husband and children. I need to take care of myself too. That means going to the gym more. When I am thinking of negative things I need to think of something positive so I can be happy again. Try to enjoy the children more because they will not be this small for much longer. Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts.

Enjoy Life Wordart by Tina Chambers
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cajunsis said...

Oh, Laura you need a big hug! I cannot imagine what you feel like, but thinkning happy and thankful thoughts will help. Look at those gorgeous babies and remember back 5 years - you were blessed with them and even the financial struggles will someday be just a dream. Yes, girlfriend, they grow too fast. Don't waste another minute worrying - take a moment and sit on the floor and rough house with them. Before you know it that will be history.

It will all work out just as it is supposed to. Creative thinking I call it. I am not in Asia, I am on long tropical retreat! rofl...

Love ya and love your layouts!