Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Feeling Loved/Giving Love

What do you do to let others know you love them?

I hug and kiss them and tell them every day that they are loved and special to me. I spend time with my children doing little things like playing with their toys or reading. I cook dinner and try to keep up with the housework. Mind you, I said try. With triplets it's very hard to keep the house clean and decluttered as they get into everything and the house seems to get very messy at times.

What do others do that make you feel loved?

When my husband takes out the garbage without me reminding him or any other household chore without me asking. When he spends sometime with the children to give me a break from the chaos. This doesn't happen very often because my husband works 24/7 but when he does spend time with them I am very greatful for the brief moment he does spend time with them. When he tells me he loves me without me saying it first.

When I get my children from their rooms to start the day and they give me a great big hug and kiss.


Ryan said...

Great post! And welcome to the scrapblog group!

glynis said...

Sorry! How embarrasing--I signed in as 'Ryan' my husband. I really need to not blog on his computer :)