Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Attempting to Make a Slideshow

This is the 2nd time I am attempting to make this post. Unfortunately my first attempt was deleted. Bummer.

Anyway where was I? I am very addicted to scrapbooking and anyone who knows me knows this. I've been doing it for like over 8 years now. Before the triplets were born I was basically almost all caught up. Now that they are here I continue to scrapbook but I have fallen way behind. The new cool thing in the scrapbooking industry is digital scrapbooking. In my search to learn how to do this I have found that some companies who sell digital scrapbooking software will allow you to download trial versions of their software for 30 days free. So off to adobe.com

I mainly do all my creative scrapbooking and card making at night after the triplets are asleep so 2 nights ago I downloaded adobe photoshop elements 4.0. Okay I know a bit about computers but it actually took me hours to download this program to get the trial version. Finally at 2 am with still no program I decided to go to sleep. When I awoke at 7:30 am I deleted what I had downloaded the night before and redownloaded it and guess what? It worked. Finally I have the trial version.

Of course, I have no idea how to work the program so while looking through the tutorials I found a tutorial for slideshows and since the triplets 2nd birthday party is on Sat I sat down and immedately got some photos uploaded from my apple computer to my dell laptop. I'm having a fun time doing their first year. My husband even went out and bought me a microphone so I can narriate some of my thoughts and poems to the slideshow and I found this amazing song that is perfect for their photos it is called Let them be little by Billy Dean.

Here is a list of songs great for slideshows that I have managed to compile. I will probably use some of these for their 2nd year slideshow. These are not in any particular order of which ones I like the best.

  • Teach Your Children Well by Crosby, Stills and Nash
  • We've Been Waiting for You by Carolyn Arends
  • Father & Daughter by Paul Simon
  • First Time I Saw Your Face by Celione Dion
  • I Hope You Dance by Leanne Womack
  • Honestly by Cary Brothers
  • Dreaming of You by The Coral
  • Why by Elefant
  • Light of Day (Sorry don't know the artist)
  • Baby Baby by Amy Grant
  • Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins
  • Over the Rainbow
  • A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
  • Seasons of Love by Rent
  • I Can Love You Like That by John Michael Montgomery
  • With Arms Wide Open by Creed
Well it's getting late. It's almost 1o pm already and I haven't even worked on the slideshow so good night all. See you again soon.

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