Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another Late Night - Burning DVD

Okay this is 3 nights that I have been working on these slideshows. I basically have their first year done but still need to burn this to a DVD. (more on that later).

Tonight I worked on another one which I actually copied from another triplet mom. I used most of her wording but added a few of my own and used the same song. Here is the link to her video I'm No Superman. Of course, it took all day to find the photos. I have 5,000 photos to look through. Once I had all the numbers of the photos which I wanted to use it maybe took about an hour and half tops to put it all together. That's not why I'm up till 2:20 am again. It took me over 2 hours to figure out how to burn it onto a DVD. Of course, DH won't help me so I had to search google which took hours. Now, I have the DVD recorded and I try to play it on the DVD player hooked up to our television. Well, do you think it would work? Of course not. It gives me an error saying it doesn't play that type of disk. Okay so I put the disk back into my computer and it runs on the computer but why not the TV? These computers make me so aggrivated. I don't know how my husband can be on them 24/7. I'm about ready to smash mine.

I reserved 3 books on adobe photoshop elements at the library tonight so hopefully I'll get them in like 2 days so I can learn more things. So far I think it's very limiting on what you can do with it. I'd like to add more graphics and clip art but I haven't found a way to do so. I have searched the tutorials and also the help with no luck. The program does come with a few graphics but nothing that you really can use.

My mom hopefully will come tomorrow and I can work on another slideshow. I have all the photos picked out for their 2nd year. Just need to upload them. I probably will use the song Season by Season by Rent for this slideshow. I plan on uploading the photos by season so that song would be appropriate.

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