Friday, October 16, 2009

Sewing - Hemming My Jeans

I owe it all to Valerie from Frugal Family Fun Blog that I took my sewing machine out again this month. I did not finish my 13 days of workshop yet. Still need to do the grocery bag final step.

However, yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans in size 4 (my prepregnancy size). I was wearing size 8. My friends told me they were too big. I had a belt holding them up as they were big around the waste. Anyway, I didn't realize the jeans I bought were too long until I wore them today. All day I had them turned up so I wouldn't step on them.

Tonight I did a search on you tube on how to sew jeans. There were many different versions. Some made you cut the pants which I was not too fond of. I wound up following pathu32's directions. Here are my results.

Tada. I now have jeans 2 inches smaller.


Valerie said...

Looks great!! Yay!!!

Lisa Anne said...

This is something I totally need to learn sinc eI am so short. My jeans are always dragging on the ground.