Thursday, October 01, 2009

Learn to Sew - Day 1

Today is my first day of sewing class. Baby step one was find your sewing machine and make a place for it. I knew where my sewing machine was but a place to sew? That was not an easy task. I looked in my craft room and almost fainted. Yes, it is a total mess! Look at the before photo to the left. It was cluttered with no longer used paper scrapbooking supplies. No wonder why I turned to digital and never looked back. I cleared it out in over an hour. Moving things to the other side of the room and making lots of garbage along the way. Finally, I now have a place to sit down and my sewing machine is dusted off. What a difference from the before photo. Now, don't look on the other side of the room because now that side is a total disaster.


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Lisa Anne said...

I'm taking the same class! LOL I can't wait to sew some really cool stuff. I just converted my loft/office into my office/arts and crafts room. It's been too hot up there to sew though. I'm so happy the weather is cooling off!!