Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Laundry Room

The month of November we were decluttering and organizing our laundry room. I'm an Organizing Junkie hosts a monthly decluttering challenge.

Before: Kids corner when you first walk into the laundry room from the garage. The big pink bag was their soccer stuff (which ended the beginning of November) so that was moved into my garage.

After: I removed the soccer stuff. Hung up their coats and put their book bags on the bottom shelf. I did leave the box for the boats. I still have the problem of the hooks being too high for the kids to do it themselves.

This is where I put my incoming mail and magazines. Also our shoes go here. In the after picture above I moved all the kids shoes to their side.

After: I removed a lot from the top shelves. I grouped all their games and put their craft supplies into those rubbermade containers.

All their games and craft supplies are also in this shelving. I have a whole bunch of games and puzzles that I am going to donate.

I removed all the clothing. Their costumes were put into their dress up. All the other clothing was taken down and put in donation bags. I then had room to put my baskets here for when they are not in use or when I have little bit of clothing to put away. I did have a blue small basket that my son sat on and broke so I need to get new basket for his clothing. My new laundry system that seems to be working is I fold the clothes as I take them out of the dryer and sort them in baskets. One basket for my son/ one for the girls/ one for my husband and my stuff. I find it easier that way then putting everything in the basket and doing it in another room. I also have the kids help me during laundry time. They transport the wet clothes into the dryer. They push the buttons. They also fold towels. I have them sort the clothing too. They sometimes pull out the clothes and hand it to me to fold.

The top draw I cleaned out and this is where I put my pocketbook and keys when I walk in the door. I also put my outgoing mail there or anything I need to take with me for the next day so I don't forget anything. Below that I cleaned out the shelf so now I have my gym bag there and my husband's lunch bag. They were were the baskets were under all the clothing before. Below that I organized more of our pantry stuff.


forgetfulone said...

It looks fabulous! You have such a big laundry room. Mine isn't much more than a closet. And boy are you stocked up on cleaning supplies! I love the way you've used containers and baskets to stay organized. Great job!

Here is mine.

Thea said...

You did an amazing job!! It looks great!

Joy said...

It is a Big Room for you to keep stocks and stuff...
My hubby always tell me to fold the clothes after taking out of the line or the dryer ,, but I just cant keep up to it,,, I do some of them but then I get impatient then just put them al in the basket ,, Then when I am watching TV then I do the folding ... It works for me.. But sometimes there would be mountain of clothes to be folded and ironed!!!Never ending job... You did well,, It is such a nice feeling to see the outcome of your effort ... I did mine too here
Have a good week....

Trish said...

whew! good work--that is quite a big job you did there!

Alicia said...

Wow, that was a lot of work. Way to go!

Avlor said...

Great transformation! You got so much done!