Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lost Spirit

I have lost my creativity to blog. Lately, my life has been so busy that I don't even know what day it is. I have been trying to slow down my life a bit by not adding too much to my schedule. I feel like Dr. Heckle /Mr. Hyde lately with my kids. One minute I'm loving and the next I'm screaming and cursing at them. Yes, cursing. I tried to play a game with them and lost it after the whining and crying from them not following rules and waiting their turns. Man, I could never ever home school.

What has been taking up a lot of my time? Well, my friend Jessica sent me a link to facebook. I have been finding old friends from high school, people I work with and also people from the MOMS Club. I was on there so much that lately I have been just setting my timer and saying only 5 minutes!

I have been enjoying the fall. It's so beautiful when the leaves turn colors. It's my favorite time of year. I took some pictures of the tree in front of my house. In the fall it turns orange and red. In the spring it turns white as it blooms with flowers. This tree is getting so big since we have been living here 10 years. It now actually covers our big front window.

Think I'm going to head to bed and make it an early night. Hopefully my mood will improve for tomorrow.

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cajunsis said...

Laura, can I hug you online? It is difficult to have three young ones, don't worry about getting overwhelmed. You are such a terrific mommy :-) Just think how far you have come since they were newborns!

Take a moment and sit back. Look at each of those beautiful faces and imagine who they will be when they grow up. Look at their smiles, think of their personalities, embrace their strengths. You created these little beings :-)

Don't loose your spirit - give them wings to fly.

I love you. Hang in there - you are such an inspiration to so many!