Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gift Shopping this Season

What are your plans for gifts this year, are you doing all homemade or store bought? What is your budget when it comes to the kids? Do you have a bigger budget for the older ones and just how many gifts do you give the children? Do you get them one big expensive one, or do what I do and try to make the money stretch so they'll end up with a bunch of little ones?

Our financial situation this year is not that great. Normally we get the kids lots of gifts because we celebrate Hanukkah and they open gifts every night for 7 days. This year we are spending only $100 per child if that!

What I have purchased so far:
  1. Three wii (used) games on ebay for $10-$25 each. I can't see spending $50 for a new game when they may not like it. (Hanna Montanna, Wii Play and Cooking Mama). Total = $60
  2. Every year I get them some sort of toy from Discovery toys since their toys seem to last a long time. This year for the girls I bought them Fashion Girls to share since it comes with 6 bodies and lots of pieces. For my son I got him the zip track race track. Total = $50
  3. I joined ebates where you earn cash back for shopping at certain stores. If you decide to join please put me in as a referral because I will earn $5 for each person referred. While at ebates I then shopped for clothing at Old Navy (my son) and Children's Place (2 for $15) (my girls). Each child will get one winter outfit (long sleeve top and pants) spent $15 on each child. Total = $45

That leaves me approximately $145 left for 12 more gifts (4 for each child). I earned a $25 gift cert for amazon that I plan to use for maybe another leapster game (they share and rotate the games). I also want to go to the dollar store and get some coloring books and maybe some art supplies. I will also probably go back to ebates and check out some games at the toy store that they can share. They have been asking for Beware of the Dog.

As for family members we are only doing the kids this year. My nieces and nephews so again I will probably just go to ebates and see if I can shop there for them or go to walmart as that seems to be the place to shop this year for the best deals plus it's very close by so I can go after the kids go to sleep or even rush their while they are in school.


Sandra said...

Great ideas, my kids love the Wii, but I agree, it's not the first time we buy them a $50 game and they don't like it.

I'll have to try ebay.

Libby said...

love your blog, i found it while browsing scrapbook blogs!

feel free to stop by my blog anytime, i will be back!