Thursday, December 03, 2009

I am a GIrl Scout Leader Poem

Where have I been? Training to be a daisy girl scout leader. I've been searching on line for various things to include in our meetings. I was a girl scout when I was little, but at that time there was no daisy. I was a brownie and girl scout. I remember the crafts and swaps very well.

Being a Girl Scout Leader is one of the most rewarding opportunities you can take on. It can't be measured in points scored or points on a test, but it does make a difference in a girl's life!

Today I made some pins for the girls to swap with other troops when we go Christmas caroling tomorrow. These are the pins that I made. Aren't they pretty. I hope the girls like them.

I made 35 of them. Look how pretty.

Now, this poem I just found fits perfect for my life as my fingers are all swollen from the hot glue gun which I haven't used in years to make those pins.

Poem Written by Barb Hunter.

I am a Girl Scout leader, I own a hot glue gun,
A 3-ring notebook, an American flag, and a seven-passenger van.
I know all about Safety-Wise, permission slips, and registration forms.
I save bits of string, scraps of fabric, old tin cans,
And a whole garage full of recyclables.
I am a Girl Scout leader.

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