Sunday, December 06, 2009

Girl Scouts - Swap Banner

The other day I made those daisy pins for a Girl Scout swap. Well, Friday night my girls swapped all their pins and got lots of pins in exchange. What to do with all the swap pins. I came up with this idea to make a pin banner. Actually I have one already in my craft room that is filled with pins that I have collected in the past 10 years or more. So I made these banners for my girls to display all their pins.

The first one is Naomi's. She wanted ribbon on the entire outside of border of hers. She picked out matching fabric for me to applique an N on the top. The one she is holding started to bulge out when I hung it one the wall so a bit of more sewing was involved to make it lay straight on the wall.

After sewing some of the ribbon more on the back just leaving a little pit of a look to hang it up it did lie flat against the wall. Here is her finished banner along with the pins that she received from the swap.

Now my other daughter Victoria I decided since her fabric that she choose was lighter than Naomi's for her initial I'd try to hand applique it on. Okay, it looks nice but I will never attempt that again. The felt was too hard to push through so I had to use a thimble which took me way longer to complete than Naomi's where I used the sewing machine.

Victoria only wanted ribbon on the top and bottom of hers. Here's her finished banner.

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