Sunday, December 06, 2009

Girl Scouts - Flag and Kaper Chart

Since our troop is a new troop and we don't have existing funds to purchase a troop flag that cost $25 I decided to take out my sewing machine and again use my quilting skills to make our troop flag. I used my sizzex to cut out the numbers. The numbers and the green girl scout emblem I embroidered by hand. Who would have known those quilting skills I learned over 12 years ago would come in handy again so soon.

I have researched Kaper charts and was going to do a daisy type craft with close pins but I think this idea would work out better. I searched on line for a daisy image and I found this one here. I then edited it and changed the words to add the girls names in our troop. I punched it out with my hand circle punch. I then laminated it. Again took out my hot glue gun and glued it to close pins. I made additional blank ones for when we get assigned more girls.

Here is my daughters up close to show you what it looks like.

I found this idea on line here. We will do "Do it, Done It" We will have 2 bowls they are zip lock snack bowls, "Do It" and "Done It". Each girl had a clothespin that I made above with their name on it. All pins start out in the "Do It" bowl. My co-leader or I will draw a pin out for the first that we need done. The person who is drawn, draws for the next job. Her pin goes into the "Done It" bowl, etc. When all pins have been selected, they get dumped back in the "Do It" bowl and we start over! Doing it this way minimized the disappointment when having set jobs that you didn't always need at each meeting - more flexibility!

This is what it will look like at the meeting. The pins inside the bowl are extras made for girls that haven't been assigned yet.

The best part about this is there is a lid for the bowl and all the pins fit inside so it will be easy to transport to each meeting plus the empty bowl will stack underneath.


Very Crafty Mama said...

hi there, I know this is a very old blog post, but I need to the same thing as you did. how did you remove the work Daisy Girl? I tried but it distorts the background.
thank you!

mom2triplets04 said...

I used photoshop elements to remove the name on the tags. You could probably also use white out if you don't know how to use photoshop or don't have the program.