Sunday, March 08, 2009

March 09 - Hybrid Challenge

Deco Pages is having a Hybrid Challenge. It's called a Coffee Filter Album. You can find directions here. I made this album for my husband for his birthday. The cover was made using Stampin' Up papers and embellishments and I printed out a butterfly and flower from Colors of Day by Benilda Scraps. The butterfly is only glued in the center so the wings are raised up. The entire cover was modge podged to give it a glossy look.

The inside pages were made by decorating coffee filters. Each one of my children had their own page to decorate the way they wanted. Some used photos and some just used stickers. They also made the tags that are sticking out of the above picture.

Victoria's page. She wanted to tell her daddy how much she loved him so she picked out all my heart and lip stickers from the time I used to collect paper supplies.

Justin had fun cutting out his photo and gluing it onto his page. This was an old photo from when he was age 1 or 2.

Naomi also chose a photo from when she was 1 of herself. She also added some animal stickers.

Oh, did I mention that I dusted off my bind it all and actually used it for this project? Now, after lugging all my supplies down to the kitchen I think I need to get my office cleared up so they could just go in my room to do an art project and then I won't have to do all the carrying up and down the stairs.

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