Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fridays Fave 5

Hello and welcome to Friday's Fave Five. Thank you for coming by. I'm so sorry I am late with this. I've been working on the MOMS Club Newsletter for January and did manage to get 2 scrapbook pages done for my CT. If you're new, welcome. Join in. You can find details here.
Now on with my five!

1. Date Night With My Son. My girls had a dance party to attend where it was drop off no adults for 2 1/2 hours. I have never left them before and was a little hesitant about doing so. My children are now 4 years old so most places allow them to stay unsupervised. My son was a bit upset that he wasn't invited to the dance party but I told him that he'd spend some time with Mommy along like a DATE. So we went out for dinner. We went to Lobster Shanty. He was such a good boy too. He did tell me that he missed his sisters though. After dinner we still had an hour and 15 minutes to spare so we went to the mall. Even with the economy crisis the mall was extremely crowded. At the mall we went to the pet shop to look at the animals and then he rode on some rides. All in all, I think he had a great time. It's not very often we get to spend one on one time together.

2. Santa. I helped the kids write letters to Santa. We brought the letters to the library where they were able to sit on Santa's lap and give them their letter. I managed to get photos of 2 of them (Naomi and Justin). Victoria was deathly afraid of Santa and refused to sit on his lap or get near him. So I didn't get any photo of her with Santa.

3. Dropped Off Stuff to Ebay Store. I finally had the chance to get to the Ebay Store to drop off some of my scrapbooking things. I just don't have the time to upload everything I had and figured I might as well have someone do it for me. I am selling 2 alphabet punch sets, Creative Memory albums, 30 sets of my Close to My Heart stamp sets and a Generations Scrapbooking tote. I just don't use them and might as well get some money back for them. Here's hoping I make something back for everything. Everything will be listed on Sunday. Ebay seller name is Auction Mojo 012 if you are interested in looking at my stuff.

4. Rummage Sale. I went to the rummage sale at our local high school with the children. I promised them they could get something as they love yard sales. I spent $3. Naomi got a little pocketbook with a little dog that looks like this one. Of course, hers is stuffed.
Justin got 3 games. Monopoly Junior, yatzi Junior and Scrabble Junior. Victoria got a barbie doll. Not bad for only $3. Already we have played Monopoly and Yatzi a few times.

5. Excitement of the Lights. Now that it gets dark at 5 pm the kids get so excited while I drive around. They oooh and ahhh over all the lights on all the houses. This year they are even rating them saying I like this one better than the other one.

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Susanne said...

My kids are teenagers now and they still love the lights and specifically request going to ones they know put on quite a show. I really like that it still thrills them.

How sweet that you took your boy for a date night. Sounds like lots of fun.

And shhhh, but don't tell but I was a little bit late too. And I'm the hostess for heaven's sakes. LOL. I'm glad you still joined in. It was great reading your list!