Friday, December 26, 2008

2 Days Left on my Ebay Sale

I am sick to my stomach. I can't believe there is only 2 days left for all my scrapbooking stuff and they are selling for way too low for what I actually paid for these things. Not to mention I have to pay a listing fee of 20% to the ebay store who listed these for me. Was it worth it? Okay, maybe I should calm down as there is still 2 days left so I could still have some hope. If the Bid links don't work below try searching for auctionmojo012 in the ebay store.

Alphabet punch set (Bidding price now is $9.95)
I paid $100 or so for this brand new. It has hardly ever been used. So far no bids. Bid Here.

Creative Memories Albums and Tote (Bidding price now is $29.00) It is a 16 piece lot. 4 brand new scrapbooks size 8 1/2 by 11. They sell for $33 a book if you were going to purchase them from a CM consultant. 5 new page refills that sell for $15 each from CM consultant and 6 page protectors that retail for $7 each from CM consultant. Not to mention the Generations tote I think they are about $30-40. So you see why I am so upset about this. It's selling for less than one actual scrapbook. If you bought these items new it would retail for over $279. I just want to cry! Bid here.

30 sets of Close to My Heart Stamps (Bidding price now is at 26.56) What! That's less than $1 a set. If you purchased these sets from a CTMH consulant you would pay $12 or more per set). I paid $360 plus and it's right now selling at a little over $26? This is heartbreaking! Bid here.

Can you see my heart is breaking over my prized possessions. Why did I have to declutter my office? I should have kept everything for my children to enjoy for the prices that they are selling at.

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