Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've been tagged again. This time by Derek. I now have to list six thing about me that you didn't know.

1. My first boyfriend was killed in a car accident at age 17.

2. I know how to quilt. It used to be my hobby until I learned how to scrapbook and then my sewing machine has now is collecting dust in my closet.

3. I have an entire room devoted to my hobby scrapbooking. I have wall to wall papers, punches, stickers, etc. That too is collecting dust now that I learned how to digital scrapbook.

4. I sell Stampin' Up. Yes, I'm a consultant. I'm actually a hobbiest though. I'm actually doing my first workshop tomorrow night for a friend. I have held some mystery hostess workshops at my house but this is going to be my very first workshop at someone else's house. I spent 2 hours last night preparing my projects.

5. At 9 pm every night I call it quits. No not on the computer quits but no more housework. No matter what has to be done I call it quits. I just can't do it all. Yes, I have tons of laundry to still do. Toys need to be decluttered and I have tons of cloths in my garage that need to be sorted through and washed that I have gotten from friends for the triplets. After 9 pm is when I have time for me! That's when I do my digital scrapbooking.

6. My bedtime is normally at 2 am. I say every night that I'm going to go to bed early but it always winds up being about 2 am when I head to bed.

7. I like to keep busy. I'm always on the go. Hate being home. That's why when you would look at my calendar I have something planned almost every day. But this can get stressful so there are times when I skip what is planned and just stay home. I guess I get burned out would be the saying.

Oops I got carried away and gave you 7 things.

Now I am suppose to tag 6 people. Man this is getting hard. I already tagged 5 people in my last post. I don't know any other people who would do this. Sorry.

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