Friday, September 21, 2007


Fri 9/21 Blog Prompt: Have you ever been in the middle of cooking when you realized you were missing a key ingredient and couldn't make a dash to the store? What did you do?

Hey are you watching me? This happens to me almost every night! No joke! I am so struggling to meal plan but I am such a failure at it. I will go with a shopping list to the supermarket but I always manage to forget something on the list or can't find the item in the store. Why? Oh, Why? Do recipes use ingredients that you can't find? This drives me bonkers. I watch the food network from time to time and the one cook who I can never find the ingredients for her recipes is Rachel Ray. She always uses spices that I just cannot find. I now have to shop at night or deal with fighting three year olds. I try to avoid shopping with them as it is just a nightmare. I also have a husband who will eat the ingredient before I have time to cook with it. Like the other day I needed sour cream and guess what it was gone. He used it to make dip for his chips.

Sorry to go off topic. If I am missing an ingredient I have been known to substitute with something else or I will grab a box of pasta and just cook that up. It's like my last resort along with those chicken nuggets in the freezer. It's a food I fall back upon if the meal comes out bad. It's always a 50/50 chance it will in my house as I tend to use lots of new recipes as I can't find ones that we really like to use.

Running in for one item is not possible in my household. It's not worth the effort of unstrapping all 3 children and strapping them back up again with the fighting and hand touching and grabbing items off the shelf. It's super stressful when you only need one item like MILK. Why can't they make a drive through for stuff like MILK, BREAD, and EGGS. I would be the first person on line in the car if they had such a place.


beachcomber said...

A drive through for milk, bread and eggs. I like it. I would go for that, too. Have you tried making dishes that make a lot like lasagna, enchildadas, etc on Sunday and freezing them? Then all you have to do is defrost and warm them up.

D said...

My cousin has 8 kids and a foster baby. She swears by grocery delivery- most of the big grocery stores offer it now- you just order on-line. She says it helps save money too because you aren't tempted by all the yummy things on display. It would probably help with meal planning too. I wonder if they do emergency deliveries. :)

Tink said...

What a great idea. Definitely need a drive through.

ArcaneFaery said...

I'm on your rant with you!!!!! I hate looking for special ingredients and my oldest kid eats half the supper menu before I can cook it! You are not alone. :)

loonyhiker said...

Why can't husbands ask if we plan to use something before they use it? How hard would that be? I keep boxes of Uncle Ben's wild rice and boxes of macaroni and cheese for emergencies if I need a side dish.