Friday, November 03, 2006

Queen for a Day

If I could be a Queen for a day I would start my morning by sleeping in. My personal staff would provide attention to my every need in a day that would be filled with extravagance. King Evan would kiss me good morning. Breakfast would be served by the maid in bed, she would then prepare a hot shower and she would pick out my attire for the day. After getting ready for my day I would then kiss the Royal Family (Princess Victoria, Prince Justin and Princess Naomi) good morning. The nanny would take care of them while I enjoyed the rest of my fantasy. My chauffeur would take me to a world class spa where I would have my hair done, make-up, manicure and a massage. I would then enjoy a Royal lunch with my girl friends. Then I would go on a shopping spree where money was no object. I would arrive back at the royal palace with all my shopping purchases to find the palace spotless, the Princesses and Prince happy from a fun-filled day with the nanny and the table in the dining room would be set for dinner. The smell in the palace would be the aroma from the chef cooking our dinner. I would enjoy dinner served by the maid with the Royal family all around a big table. If you looked up you would see a big chandelier lighting the room. The Royal Princesses and Prince would be put to bed for the evening. The remaining part of the evening would be with King Evan making passionate love. Unfortunately the next morning I would wake up to find that this was only a dream and that it would never happen in real life. Written by Laura Nov 2006.

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