Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Art Journal - Turning Point

This is my very first art journal entry. It was fun to put together and write my story.

Journaling reads:
1995 was when I married my high school sweetheart, Evan. We were trying for years to have a family. The year 2003 was when my entire life changed.

I went for my yearly check-up at the ob/gyn. My doctor asked me what type of birth control we were using and I told her none and that we were trying to have a family for years. So she ran some tests. It was a fightful moment to get a phone call from the doctor with the news that I could not have a family the natural way. I remember that moment when she told me the bad news. My doctor said she could no longer help me and that I had to see a specialist. I cried for hours after that phone call.

Imagine wanting a child for years and then being told you could not physiclaly have any. This was devastating to me. I then went to a fertility specialist. This doctor looked at my x-rays and test results and said that I was a great candidate for IVF, however, I had to have surgery first to remove the excess tissue around my fellopian tubes. The surgery went longer than usual which really scared my husband. When I woke up the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with my tubes. What? I had surgery for nothing. My husband was so mad. How could one doctor say there was no chance for us to have children when this one says there is nothing wrong?

Because of insurance the doctor said that she couldn’t start us with IVF but she had other methods to help us conceive. So we started off with a drug called Clomid which is a pill that increases your eggs and IUI (artificial insemination). We did 3 months with no success. I was an emotional mess each time my period arrived. Why did we have to try so hard? Why wasn’t it working? I guess God had other plans for us. We then went onto injections. We used Gonal-F with IUI. My husband had to inject my stomach with shots every night. Again the cycle was no success. December 2003, I wound up with 3 cysts and had to take a break from all the treatments. I was such an emotional wreck by this time that I was about to throw in the towel and call it quits. The doctors and nurses encouraged me to do one more cycle in January 2004 of Gonal-F and IUI and after if still no success we would move onto IVF. So we tried again in January, meanwhile, I was doing research with the insurance company to see if they would cover IVF for our next cycle.

I so did not want to be disappointed again. Well, I took the pregnancy test and it was negative which I figured anyway. I tossed the test into the trashcan. Later that evening when it was time to go to bed I glanced down in the trashcan and I could not believe my eyes. There was 2 lines (positive). It was like I was living a Friends’ episode! I took the test again and it was positive. The doctor did a blood test which confirmed that I was pregnant, his exact words was, “You are VERY pregnant”. At that time I was thinking twins but no God blessed us with TRIPLETS

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Lani said...

wow, that is some really beautiful journalling. i bet the triplets will love reading about the extremes you went to because they were wanted so very badly.

glynis said...

What a wonderful, hopeful story that you've shared. And what beautiful children as a result!!

Tink said...

Gave me chill bumps just reading it. I am so glad that it all worked out for you in the end.

loonyhiker said...

You are a very brave woman! I don't know if I could have done all that you had done. I hope the kids realize when they get older how much they were wanted.

Chantua said...

What an lovely story, I just want to give you a huge hug. You children will love this when they are older, something that shows mum is human after all. :)