Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I Googled This Week

Just thought I would share the random things I "googled" this week, in case, out of curiosity, you are wondering.

1. NJ Corruption Money Trial. (What in the world is going on? Squandering money is one thing but selling body parts. Come on!)

2. Cucumber recipes (picked our 2nd cucumber from our garden today)

3. Zucchini bugs called Squash Bugs (We have little beetle like bugs in our garden). Learned that Sevin is the only thing that works besides squashing them. The kids had a blast doing that.

4. Junie B Jones Books. Wanted a list of the entire series in order since I wanted to read them to the children.

5. Flannel American Fabric - We are looking into doing a service project for the MOMS Club making flannel blankets for the troops. Couldn't find anything cheaper than 3.99 per yard in solid colors. Patterned was $5.99 +.

What did you google this week?

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