Thursday, May 28, 2009

Muffin Tin Snacks

The other day when I was catching up on all my blog reading I came across an entry from Katie the Scrapbook Lady about Muffin Tin Meals. I got inspired so the next day I decided to pull out my big muffin tin. I didn't think this would work for my triplets but with the big tin I was able to give them 2 tins each. This is my first attempt. I did it as a snack. Oranges and Watermelon. The kids loved this new idea.

Here are my children enjoying their surprise snack.


This morning I woke up earlier than the kids which is so rare. I decided to take out the tin again and this time I did a breakfast. I put cantaloupe an cheese and crackers. They also had cereal and orange juice. They were surprised to see the muffin tin again and requested that I do it again. Here's a photo of their breakfast.

Visit the Muffin Tin Monday blog home or Muffin Tin Meals flickr group for more inspiration.


Katie said...

How fun! Your triplets are getting to be so grown up :)

Michelle Sybert said...

looks like the kids had a great time, thanks for stoppong by Muffin Tin Monday and adding your link so we could see! Hope to see you again next week!

Jill said...


Lani said...

Hello from a fellow trip mom! I can't wait till mine will use plates, much less eat out of a muffin tin:) That's a really cute idea!!