Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Blog Prompt: This month is Get Organized Month. Name 3 things you need to organize and your strategy for doing this.

1. My craft room. It's a major disaster area. I have so much stuff from when I was paper scrapbooking. I have iris carts stacked up to the ceiling with stuff. I have stuff piled all over my floor and counter tops. I just dread going into that room but little by little I've been throwing stuff out, pulling stuff out for the kids to use and yes, selling things on ebay. I don't feel like I have made any progress though. It's such an overwhelming task. My main problem is I can't part with anything. I have this hoarding problem where everything I pick up I say, "oh, the kids could use this for their crafts or Eventually the kids will use it." I can't let it all go. I would so like a craft room that was pleasant looking to go into. One day.

2. My son's closet. It's cluttered with all my quilting items. Fabrics and quilting supplies. Let's see? When was the last time I quilted? It has to be about 10 years now. I have lots of unfinished projects. Will I eventually get to these projects? I just don't know. I did at holiday time pull out my box of holiday fabric and cut some pieces into squares for the kids to use for arts and crafts. I also gave some stuff away to my friend who still quilts.

3. Bathroom closet on first floor. This is where I store the games for the kids and other bathroom stuff like toilet paper, tissues, air fresheners. The whole closet needs to be pulled apart and decluttered. Some of the games are missing pieces so they need to be thrown away. It's just very hard to do this while the kids are awake because they like to get into everything and open up all the boxes which doesn't help me at all since then the games get all mixed up. So it's a project that has to be done when the kids are asleep.


Tammy said...

oohhhhh the craft room. That will be a challenge and I bet you find something you had forgotten about. A little treasure. Good to see you at the blog!!

loonyhiker said...

You reminded me of all that cross stitching stuff I have crammed in the back of one of my closets! I hoard things too because as soon as I throw something out, that is the one thing that I will need the next day!