Friday, January 09, 2009

Jan 09 - Brag Book Challenge.

I am hosting the Brag Book Challenge at Deco-Pages. A brag book is 4 x 6 in size. They can be printed like a regular photograph and are so much cheaper to have printed up. They can easily be carried around in your purse. I have done a 2007 brag book but have not started my 2008 brag book so I will be working on those.

Each month I will have a particular theme to follow.

The theme for January will be BIRTHDAY.

Each participant is required to create 4 x 6 pages in a birthday theme.

If you create TWO 4 x 6 you will receive 2 (12 x 12 quick pages) below:

For an Added bonus: If you create FOUR Brag Book pages in the birthday theme you will receive this Brag Book Quick Page as well:

Please post your completed brag book pages to the new Brag Book Gallery here and link back to this thread.

Here are 7 pages I made in a birthday theme to show you. They are quick and easy to make. Credits are all in the Brag Book Gallery and made with all Deco-pages kits.

My nephew

my niece

my niece

my triplets

My Son

My Daughter

My Daughter

Can't wait to see your pages. Have fun.

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