Saturday, January 07, 2012

2012 - Project Life - Art/Journal

My goal was to add the concept of Project Life in 2012 but wanted to use my own supplies to do so. It took me a few days to figure out how I was going to do that. I am all digital now. Been that way for about 7 years now. I occasionally do pull out my scrapping supplies to do cards but lately the urge to do more hands on scrapping has been there. However, I did not want to go to 12 x 12 in size. I went to Michaels to get albums for us to start our project. I was hoping to get like an 8 x 11 book but there were no three ring ones available. They had the 12 x 12 but didn't want to go that size nor did I want to pay a high price for each album as I needed 4. I finally found these smaller albums that were $9.99 each but after coupons I was able to get it for like $6.40 each. The pages fit 2 4 x 6 in size. Got one for each of my children so they can play as well.

I may or may not put photos in mine. I'm hoping to use maybe digital products as well as paper products in mine and maybe do like one 4 x 6 journaling card a week. Here is my title page for my album.

We decided to alter our covers a little bit. The light purple is my album. The butterfly purple album is my daughters, the blue album is my sons and the pink album is my other daughters.

Here I am with my completed cover.

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Deb Ammerman said...

Those look like they will be fun for you and the kids! Great job on the altered covers! :)