Monday, June 06, 2011

Art Journal

I started an art journal in 2008. Of course, everything I start always gets put on the side because I never have time to finish it. I was putting quotes and color combinations or anything that made me smile into the book. This month over at SDD there is a new challenge called Artful Scrapworks Challenge . I'm always up for a new challenge so I decided to participate. In June the challenge is to make your cover. So I found my 2008 journal and since it had no cover on it I started to decorate it. This is my digital version of the cover. Love the colors but I wanted to go hybrid and use some of my neglected scrapbooking supplies.

So after printing up the above page this is what I have as my completed cover. Unfortunately it lost the purple color to it as my printer was out of that color ink.

Anyway as I was stumbling around the web I came across this video which is exactly what I was doing in my journal and thought I'd share it with you. So neat as I was doing that in 2008. Now, to grab my unread magazines and start cutting and clipping again.

Enjoy the video it's cute.

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