Tuesday, March 08, 2011

8 x 8 Books to Printer

I'm so excited. I finally ordered my 8 x 8 books. I had some free credits from artscow that I had to use before Sat. I just ordered 7 books. Total cost was $103.43. Unfortunately, I added extra pages to my free credits and the shipping was what killed me. But hey, I will have 7 books printed. It comes out to like $15 a book.

This is what I had printed:
2009 Project 365 (finally finished this) (81 pages)
2010 All About Me (60 pages)
2010 Victoria (25 pages)
2010 Justin (25 pages)
2010 Naomi (25 pages)
2010 Triplets (25 pages)
2010 My Grandchildren (25 pages) - Gift for my mom

If anyone wants to order from artscow please use my referral link. Right now All your referred friends will enjoy the 1200 free prints credits & 3 8"x8" photo books & other great photo gifts credits *.

Happy Shopping

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