Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Scrapbooking Fun - NOT!

I like to do scrapbooking challenges and from time to time I like to visit other websites where I can use other designers kits to make my pages. I do this just for fun (no pressure from CT work) and I get pages done for my children's albums that I wouldn't have done otherwise. Scrapbooking should be fun not frustrating.

Being frustrated is not my idea of having fun. I have been a member over at After Five Designs since January 2009 and have participated in their challenges each month and have enjoyed them. However, for the past 2 months I have had some issues with my layouts. In December, two of my layouts were deleted from their gallery and I got an e-mail saying they were inappropriate! I couldn't figure out why my layouts were inappropriate. Finally someone got back to me saying that I used retired designers from their sight. Now, the correct way would have been telling me that originally when they deleted my layout. So I didn't have to track down why my layouts were INAPPROPRIATE!

In January, I did the color challenge. Here are the colors I had to use
What colors do you see? I see ORANGE, PINK, GREEN AND BROWN.

Here is my layout:
playtime paper by nbeaudreau
Cottage Critters paper by ah
playtime paper by cd
GCA stitch by cd
My Little Winter flower by Martencja Designs
WF Alpha Charms by Create Wings
wordart by Bethany

I got a PM regarding my layout: "I see you play the "Flavor of the Month" and make a little mistake... so i want to give you the chance to change it.
Because You should work with all this Colors: Brown, Green, Yellow and Orange and you must have all this colors in your Layout. So i think you want the points... so i want to tell you that you can get it and the chance have to change it. Sorry for it. But this are the Rules

WHAT? Where is the YELLOW in the swatch! Please someone tell me? This is so frustrating!

I think I may boycott After Five Designs because I don't need this frustration in my life!

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Deb Ammerman said...

That is frustrating about the colors, you might suggest to them that different monitors create different colors, and if they want you to use a specific color, they should provide the RGB Values for each swatch. Don't feel bad, I don't see yellow on my monitor either for the swatches you posted here.