Monday, June 28, 2010

Preview It

Do you get frustrated by the amount of time it takes to resize your previews to put them in the store? I can take care of that for you! In 1 simple action, you will get a 600×600, 300×300 thumbnail, a 200×200 thumbnail, and 4 600×600 detailed images of your preview at 100%! There is also an enhanced preview version which allows you to make simple adjustments to your preview to make it pop. Then the action continues to give you all the previews at once. Plus there is a handsfree enhanced option! A couple of clicks on a button and you are finished. How easy does that make things for you??!!

Grab it this weekend and save 20%
The commercial use version covers designers using these actions for previews, etc, S4H designers and Quick Page makers.

All previews created from your 12×12 300 ppi preview psd!

This action set has been tested in Photoshop CS-CS5. Installation instructions included for Photoshop CS-CS3.

A huge thank you to Joelle for allowing to feature her amazing “The Nanny” kit in the preview of this action.

Store Owners please contact me for a special bulk discount if you would like to have your designers use this action for their previews in your stores.

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