Friday, April 10, 2009

Fridays Fave 5

Details to what it's all about are here.

My favorites for the week:

1. Egg Coloring and Egg Hunts:
When I was growing up I would color eggs with my parents. It was a fun project to do. Even though I am now Jewish I thought it was fun to have the kids participate in something I did when I grew up. They even tried to eat it. Of course, they did not like it so I'm left with tons of hard boiled eggs.

We went to 2 egg hunts (our town and one close to my parents house). Our town had their annual egg hunt. It lasted for literally 10 minutes. The kids had a blast collecting the eggs. They sat in the car and opened up all the eggs to find candy and little plastic jewelry. The 2nd one was at the beach near my parents. We went with my sister, BIL and niece. We had to wait 45 minutes in line. There were a lot of people there. The eggs were buried in the sand. There was so many people there that at one point I lost one of my kids (Victoria) luckily my mom was with us and she was with her the entire time. Talk about panic. Anyway, after finding some eggs they opened them up to find coupons to use on the boardwalk. The kids were disappointed that they got no candy.

2. Dairy Queen: We went to DQ for the first time for lunch. The kids were so happy to be able to have a hot dog with fries. The happy meal included ice cream. We will go back another time.

3. Dance: Naomi had her dance photos taken. She was so excited when I put make up on her face. She even told her sister that she was not allowed to have make up because she is not doing dance only her. Look at how big she looks here.

4. Blooms: It is starting to feel and look like spring. The 2 trees in front of my house started to bloom with the white flowers again. It does this every April and last only until May. It is beautiful when all the flowers are out.

5. Rainbow: The kids saw a rainbow for the very first time. It didn't last for very long but I did manage to get some photos.

What are your favorites for the week? Sign on to Mr. Linky if you've done a fave five post.


Barbara H. said...

The blooms on our dogwood tress were on my list this week. I love seeing all the flowering trees in the neighborhood.

We never got into dying eggs because no one liked to eat them. But they did like the plastic ones with money or candy.

LOVE Dairy Queen!!

Susanne said...

My son works at DQ. Unfortunately we don't get free ice cream. :)

The dogwoods are lovely. We don't have those around here but we have gorgeous flowering crab trees but it's not quite time for them to be blooming yet.

My kids loved hard boiled eggs so I didn't have the prob of the left over eggs. Can you use (read: hide) them in a recipe like potato salad?

Karyn said...

beautiful photos! Your kids are so cute.

Willow said...

Your little dancer looks so cute in her makeup!

Brenda said...

Coloring eggs, dance recitals and Dairy Queen. . . sounds like a great week!