Sunday, August 17, 2008

They Found Diamonds (My Cat)

Where have I been? Seems like ages since I posted here.

The exciting news is that they found my cat Diamonds. I reported her missing on June 20. They found her outside 2 blocks away in someone's driveway. Animal Control picked her up and called us to identify her. My husband went to see her and said it could be our cat but wasn't sure. So he sent me to identify her. I knew in my heart it was her. She looked the same (very clean), however, her body was very thin and showing lots of bones. She was alive but the vet said to me, "You can leave her over night but I doubt she will make it through the night." I was so upset. They found her on Aug 13 (Wed). The vet also said that she probably had kidney failure. Well, they ran tests and her kidneys are fine. However, her liver levels were very high. Which she said that can happen when a cat starves herself and then starts to live on her fat like the children that are starving. She refuses to eat any food. They tried force feeding her with no luck. She was a very picky eater when she was living at home. Never ate any wet food and only dry. She loved her treats but she continues to not want to eat. So Friday they put in a feeding tube. The update yesterday was that she wasn't keeping the food down and was throwing it up. She also has anemia so they gave her a blood transfusion yesterday. She is now lifting her head, standing and turning and just yesterday started to purr.

It's a total miracle that she is still alive after almost 2 months of being outside without any self defense as she has no claws. So anyone who reads my blog please say some prayers for her that she starts to eat so she can come home again.

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cajunsis said...

I cannot believe they found her so long after she came up missing! I am so sorry she was so ill and did not make it. Laura, I just want to hug you. I know how much she meant to you. Stay strong and know she is in kitty Heaven and knows you love her.